There is a long list of questions that can be asked of any project.

Some of the most common are:



Do I really need a permit for that?
In general terms no structure shall be constructed enlarged, altered, repaired, moved, improved, removed, covered or demolished without permit. That being said, "Always checks with your local building department to see if your project falls into one of these categories."


Does my proposal include paint?
We hear this question often and the short answer is no. We do not include finish paint in any of our proposals. Painting can be included if required at additional charge. MGC includes in all proposals, priming on all sides of lumber used in exterior applications. This is a separate line item on your proposal and the cost is reflected as a percentage on one line of the proposal and can thus be easily removed if you choose to have this service performed by others. MGC is always happy to provide you with a list of manufacturers' representatives and qualified painting contractors upon request.


Why didn't you see something in the beginning?
MGC makes every effort to provide the most accurate proposals possible. However in many cases significant issues may exist beyond the original scope of work or beyond what can be seen without destructive investigation. There are simply no magic glasses to envision what's behind a wall. When changes are necessary, all parties will be notified and a change order will be issued.


We've found mold! Now what?
MGC does not perform sampling, or obtain lab reports for mold remediation. The best course of action is to consult with a qualified industrial hygienist. As most industrial hygienic companies do not perform structural repairs, we, in the same manner, do not attempt to be hygienists. When we encounter mold during the normal course of work, it is reported to management and other appropriate parties. For a list of qualified remediation specialists please contact our office.


How do I find a qualified contractor?
Please contact the California State Contractors license board for all information concerning any contractor in the state. This is also the best resource for current information on educational materials for hiring a contractor.



For Additional Questions, please call us at: 1-800-891-9443